Comfortech Bike Rentals and Retail Store



 Visit us at our store located at 1023  West Shore Road.  Check out the wide selection of bike parts  including clothing, games, water toys and much more. We are looking forward to the upcoming 2022 season.. Stop in and say Hello. 




Comfortech Bicycle Equipment Rates

Adult Bikes                $30.00 per day                 

Under 18 yrs helmets required   N/C

Childrens Bikes          $15.00 per day       Helmets required       N/C

Child Cart                    $25.00 per day      Helmets required      N/C

Tandem Bikes             $50.00 per day

Three Wheel Bikes     $30.00 per day

E-Bikes                      $65.00 per day       Helmite required     N/C

Taxes included in above pricing.

Shop Repair Rates       $30.00  per hour plus taxes.


Minimum of one day rental  with  two bikes for deliveries.

Group rates and weekly rates are available. 

Group rates are for adult bikes only.


Please call or e-mail for reservations.

Credit cards are required to reserve bikes.

519 724 2828